Top Wildlife Attractants: Fish Bait. Deer Scents. Hog Lures.
Drive `Em Wild. Bring `Em In.

All-Terrain Scents and Lures

Forests. Mountainsides. All weather conditions.
Our hunting scents hook ’em by the nose.

Lakes. Rivers. Streams. Crappie, bass, and catfish attractants get ’em biting. Make every hunting or fishing trip better than average.

Scented and Nutrient Enriched

Patent-pending scent cell and liquid disperse scent instantly. Masks human odors that warn off wildlife.

Not affected by rain or snow. Essential vitamins support animals’ health.

Immediate Results

Mad Buck scents disperse once they contact air or water.

Long-lasting results within hours.

Wildlife Attractants: Deer and Hog Scents

You’re no average hunter. Don’t use average deer bait or hog lure.

Deer scent food from 500 feet. A hog detects scents from miles away. We developed natural scents that appeal to curiosity and appetite.

Mad Buck Innovations: no average wildlife attractants.

Scented Deer Salt Lick Blocks and Powder

Scented deer salt lick with nutrient blends.  Available in blocks or powder.

Mad Buck Mineral Scent Cell Block

Bury or hang the deer mineral lick block. Our patent-pending scent cell works immediately, and keeps working.

Available in 4 signature scents:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Berry
  • Apple
  • Acorn

For all terrain. For all weather. Immediate results with the best scented deer mineral lick.

Mad Buck Insanity Powder and Lick Stick Feeder

Mix Mad Buck Insanity powder with feed. A versatile, convenient deer salt lick. For best results, use a Mad Buck Lick Stick Feeder. Hang from any tree by the straps included.

Available in 2 signature scents:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Dried Berry

Deer can’t resist.

Mad Buck Insanity: no average deer lick blocks and powders.

Brady B“Got this beauty when he stopped over some mineral bricks I put out. Stayed on it for awhile before I  pulled the trigger.”
– Brady B
Texas ‘15

colby“Got em’ hooked on the mineral blocks for days. Need to try this stuff out for yourself!”
– Colby C
Florida ‘15
Killin’ It Outdoors

Donald“Our whole lease uses Mad Buck, they can’t resist the smell of the mineral blocks. Threw one out in my shooting lane, stayed licking the block for hours.
– Donald W
Texas ‘16”

brent“Mixed Insanity with some corn and tossed it around, quick and easy and got the job done.”
Brett C.
Alabama ’15
Killin’ It Outdoors

Scented Deer Bait Supplements

Scented deer bait nutrients. Mix with feed or use alone.

justinh“Gotta try the feed blaster, easy to mix with feed and gave me great results. Even had a few hogs tearing up the piles looking for the scent.”
– Justin H
Texas ’15

josha“Mix some corn and feed blaster together. Lots of action on the corn pile. Will recommend to others.”
– Josh A
Texas ‘15

Mad Buck Feed Blaster Dry Feed Charger

Natural scents attract doe and buck of all ages and sizes. Feed Blaster deer bait enhances deer feed.

Charge feed with nutrition and irresistible flavor. Support the deer’s health and antler development.

Feed Blaster scents don’t wear off in the rain. They disperse scent as soon as they hit the air. A deer bait that works anywhere, any time.

Fall Blast Feed Blaster: Fall Scented Deer Bait

Some deer prefer familiar scents. Our tailor-made formula combines the fresh, intriguing natural aromas of beet, pumpkin, and carrot.

Peanut Butter Feed Blaster: Peanut Butter Deer Bait

Some deer come running to anything that smells new and different, like our specially developed peanut butter deer bait.

Convenient. Easy to use. Customize your hunt.

Mad Buck Feed Blaster: no average deer bait feed charger.

Liquid Deer Scents and Scent Wicks

Scented deer salt lick with nutrient blends. Available in blocks or powder.

Mad Buck 32 Ounce Scent Concentrate

Mix with feed. Pour or spray directly onto plants. Our natural deer lure works immediately.

Available in 4 proven scents:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Berry
  • Apple
  • Acorn

Mineral enhanced deer scents that don’t wash away in rain.

jimb“Gives me the advantage I need to get the job done.”
– Jim B
Texas ‘16

lacy“Hung the acorn scent cell in a tree by my stand. Had deer from all over looking for the scent. Great product.”
– Lacy
Texas ’14

Mad Buck Deer Scent Wicks

Deer scent wicks pre-filled with Mad Buck liquid concentrated scent. Hang from any tree with attached straps. Begins working as soon as it’s open.

Available in 4 irresistible scents:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Berry
  • Apple
  • Acorn

Includes two 32oz bottles of concentrated deer scents to recharge when empty.

Mad Buck Super Scent Cell Combo

Some deer respond to buried feed or blocks. Some deer respond to scents in trees. Strategies have different success rates.

Get the best of both our deer scents options.

The Super Scent Cell Combo contains one empty scent wick and one 32 oz bottle of liquid concentrated deer scent. For your best strategy.

Mad Buck Innovations: no average liquid deer scents.

bradyw“My dad told me to try out this liquid bait. So I did and look at my results. Poured it on a mineral block and the deer hit it immediately. Will use again.”
– Brady W
Texas ‘15

Scented Deer Attractants: Whole Corn Blocks

Our scented deer attractants are blocks with whole corn and essential vitamins.

Scents and Flavors Deer Seek Out

Some deer respond to natural scents that remind them of favorite foods. Individual deer are familiar with different smells. The best deer attractants for all terrain.

Available in 4 scents that attract deer of all ages, sizes, and preferences:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Berry
  • Apple
  • Acorn

Keep deer coming back. Vitamins and nutrients support their overall health and antler growth.

Mad Buck Whole Corn Blocks: no average deer attractants.

Easy to Bury

Bury shallow, under 2 inches of soil. Lure deer to open spaces.

Easy to Hang

Suspend in a standard brick holder. Lure deer to the tree of your choice.

colbyc“Great product, threw out some corn bricks in my shooting lane and watched the deer eat it for hours.”
– Colby C
Mississippi ‘14
Killin’ It Outdoors

codyjim“We both used the Corn blocks and got the same results. Can’t say enough about how much the deer love it.”
– Cody & Jim B
Texas ‘14

adamz“Just started using this for the first time and the picture is proof this stuff works. Threw out a few blocks and started watching the deer come in and eat. Easy to use. Will continue using.”
– Adam Z
Texas ‘14

morgancody“Can’t say enough about the corn blocks. Just toss it out where ever you want and watch the deer come running after it.”
– Morgan & Cody B
Texas ‘14

Scented Hog Bait Blocks and Jam

You’re no average hog hunter. Don’t use average hog scents and attractants.

Reportedly, hogs can smell food from miles away, or buried as deep as 25 feet underground.

Scented hog bait blocks and hog jam. Enriched with healthy essential nutrients. For all types of hog hunts. Use alone, with feed, or on natural landscape.

Mad Buck Scent Cell Hog Bait Blocks

Patent-pending scent cell works immediately. Lure them to any area.

Bury in a Shallow: Hogs love to dig. Bury your scent cell block with the cell up under a few inches of soil.

Hang on a Tree: Hang a bait block from a tree, stump, or post with a standard brick holder. Get ‘em exactly where you want ‘em.

colbychog“Put out the Pigsanity Block and 30 mins later this big Boar came charging in.”
– Colby C
Florida ‘14
Killin’ It Outdoors

bradybhog“I’ve tried all sorts of hog baits, I really like the Mad Hog blocks. Easy to use, put the block in the where you want and wait for a big boar to show its ugly face.”
– Brady B
Texas ‘16

ryanm“She couldn’t resist the sweet apple scent. Poured it on the ground and over some corn, worked like a charm.”
– Ryan M
Texas ’16

Mad Buck Insanity Scented Hog Jam

Tailor-made scents to attract hogs work with air contact. Mix and apply scented hog jam to bushes, grass, trees, or stumps. Mix with feed. Versatile and convenient for your needs.

Mad Buck hog lures are available in two maddening scents:

  • peanut butter
  • berry

With natural flavors that hogs love.

Mad Buck Hog Bait: no average hog scents. Make every day hunting your best day hunting.

Fish Attractants

Catfish, Bass, and Crappie Bait

You’re no average angler. Don’t use average fish chum.

Fish smell food from over a football field away. Top fish attractants work over great distances.

The best fish baits keep fish on the line. Fish bait that gets fish to bite can’t be beat.

Make every day fishing your best day fishing.

Mad Buck Innovations: no average fish attractants.

Scented Catfish Bait

Catfish may have the best sense of smell of any freshwater fish. Lure ’em in from over 100 yards. Get ’em biting.

Mad Buck scented catfish baits.

Activated by water. Enhanced scented bait. Work instantly with long-lasting results. Cover human scents. Safe to use with any equipment.

For lakes, rivers, streams. Any time of day – or night – and all weather conditions.

Mad Buck Strike Bait Stimulant Blocks

Exclusive scent cell in enhanced bait blocks. An innovation in catfish bait.

Mad Buck Angler’s Edge Catfish Attractant

Specially formulated to attract catfish. The best scented catfish chum.

Mad Buck fish attractants work in 2 ways:

Lure ‘em in: Mad Buck catfish bait disperses immediately, attracting fish from across the riverbed.

Keep ‘em biting: Catfish can’t resist the flavor of Mad Buck. One they taste your lure, they’ll bite.

Easy to use. Convenient to carry. Make the most of every fishing trip.

Mad Buck Fish Attractants: no average catfish bait.

colbyfish“Another pic of what Strike Bite did for me. Trust me you’ll love the stuff.”
– Colby C
Florida ‘15
Killin’ It Outdoors

brandonj“Threw out the scent cell and a few minutes later caught this monster.”
– Brandon J
Texas ‘15

Scented Bass Bait

Bass fishing is a popular recreation and competitive sport.

Bass can smell from 50 yards away. Lure ‘ em in. Mad Buck scented bass baits.

Water activated. Specially formulated scent. Immediate results that last for hours. Mask human odors. Safe for use with any fishing equipment for all size bass. For all waters. For fly fishing. For competitive bass fishing or a casual trip. Or anything between. Use from boat or shore.

Mad Buck Strike Bait Stimulant Blocks

Patent-pending scent cell in a rich bait block. A new way to bass fish.

Mad Buck Angler’s Edge Bass Attractant

Specially developed to attract bass. A top largemouth bass bait.

Get ‘em biting and reel ‘em in

Mad Buck fish chum is designed to attract bass from the farthest distances, and to make them want to bite once they’ve tasted your lure.

Convenient. Easy to Use. Reliable.

Mad Buck Fish Attractants: no average bass bait.

mindy“First time using the Strike Bite Blocks. Stuffed the bag and sprayed on the stinky stuff and dropped it in the water. Caught the biggest mud cat of my life.”
– Mindy L
Texas ‘16

ed“I’d say it works pretty well. Been using it for awhile now and haven’t been disappointed yet.”
– Ed J
Texas ‘15

Scented Crappie Bait

Known by many names – speckled bass, speckled perch, calico bass, and more.

Crappie fishing is great year-round. Lure in fish of all sizes from 50 yards. Mad Buck scented crappie bait.

Works immediately when placed in water. Specially formulated crappie attractant. Results for hours. Covers human odors. Safe for use with any equipment, as well as freshwater and ice fishing. Appeal to natural curiosity. Irresistible flavor.

Mad Buck Strike Bait Stimulant Block

Exclusive scent cell in a rich bait block for fish. A unique crappie scent attractant.

Mad Buck Angler’s Edge Crappie Chum

Our tailored formula, researched and developed specifically for crappie. Nothing else like it.

More Fish and More Bites

Make the most of every trip. Lure more fish to you, and reel more in.

Mad Buck fish chum: no average crappie bait

Hunting Hats and Shirts for Men and Women

You’re no average hunter. Don’t dress like an average hunter.
Hunting hats and hunting shirts for men and women. Sizes and colors for everyone. Mad Buck clothing.

Men’s Hunting Hats

Comfortable. Lightweight. Hunting caps for men with adjustable sizing and mesh backing.

Less fraying on the bill. High quality stitching.

Mad Buck men’s hunting hats feature our buck-head logo or hog-head logo. Colors from simple to bold. Fit any personality.

Women’s Hunting Hats

Comfortable, lightweight hunting hats. Smaller sizes with adjustable back and breathable mesh.

All the durability you need to get through your day. High-quality stitching for reduced fraying.

Women’s hunting hats featuring the Mad Buck logo. Feminine and fun colors. Fit every personality.

Men’s Hunting Shirts

Sizes and colors to fit everyone. Durable cotton. Perfect for layering. Great hunting or casual wear.

Hunting shirts for men in long and short sleeves. Featuring the Mad Buck logo.

Be yourself.

Women’s Hunting Shirts

Lightweight cotton. Comfortable sleeves. Colors that pop.

Make a statement without saying a word. Show everyone you mean business.

Mad Buck hunting shirts for women feature the Mad Buck logo on a short-sleeve hunting t-shirt.

Proud to Be 100% Made in the USA

Mad Buck Innovators are outdoor enthusiasts. We hunt. We fish. We get dirty and love it.

We wanted better wildlife attractants. So we made them. For everyone. Convenience. Value. Consistent results.

Mad Buck Innovations. Never be average.

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