In 1992, I introduced an apple scented, two pound deer block made of corn and processed corn syrup: “Bert’s Deer Blocks.”

With the help of local TV personality Charlie Pack, Bert’s Deer Blocks were placed throughout Central Texas – to emphatically positive response. They sold out immediately and went into back order. There was no stopping the demand.

I realized that I had created a winning product, but I also realized that there was still much work to do.

The Birth of Mad Buck Innovations

In 2012, Mad Buck Innovations began distributing deer bait blocks and other deer attractants. Our specially formulated scent-cells and salt lick nutrient blocks became an instant sensation. We’ve simply been expanding ever since.

Mad Buck Innovations strives to provide quality hunting products that are not only affordable and convenient, but also highly effective.

We want to create hunting products that were lightweight and manageable for the average sportsman. Our products provide a high value for the outdoorsman who can’t go up and bait an area early.

With a central hub of operations based in Waco, Texas, Mad Buck Innovations operates a processing center, and staffs ten employees. Mad Buck Innovations is proud of our fully integrated facilities and production.

Maximize your fishing or hunting experience without putting in the maximum effort.

We love what we do, and we love serving American outdoor sports enthusiasts like ourselves. Whether you like to hunt or fish, we want to help you do it better.

You’re busy. You want products that work. We love working to bring the busy modern hunter and angler the baits, lures, and scents that will help a successful trip, every time.

I, along with the staff of Mad Buck Innovations, will continue to refine and expand our products, ensuring that we offer unparalleled results for sportsmen.

Our business is making sure you enjoy your outdoor sports.

Thank you for choosing Mad Buck products.

– Mark Bowles, Founder and CEO

Products for Hunters. Developed By Hunters.

We love the outdoors. Every member of our team is a hunter, fisherman, and outdoor enthusiast. We tried all the products and strategies out there, and found that we could do something more. That there needed to be something more.

For over 20 years, Mad Buck Innovations has been in the making. We have big ideas. We have plans to revolutionize. We have talked to thousands of hunters. We know what hunters want.

Because we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we’re developing the hunting products that we want to use.

Company Mission Statement and Promise

Integrity. Convenience. Value.

We promise to deliver our customers top products that offer better solutions to hunting and fishing needs.  Our mission is to help hunters and anglers enjoy their sports and get better results.  We will work to provide easy-to-use products for hobbyists and professionals alike, with the best value.

Never have an average day hunting or fishing again: Mad Buck Innovations.