Doing It Differently. Doing It Right.

You’re no average angler. Don’t bait like one.

Anglers across the US know: bass fishing can be highly rewarding. If you have the right bass bait and get your conditions right, you can enjoy a full day of big catches.

American bass fishing is popular in lakes, rivers, and streams across the country. For the best bass fishing, use the best bait for bass.

At Mad Buck Innovations, we want to help every outdoor sport enthusiast enjoy a full day out. Whatever you’re after, it’s our mission to develop convenient products that get you fast results that last for hours, consistently.

Convenience. Immediate results. Consistency. Mad Buck Innovations scented fish bait for bass.

Bass and Smell

Bass sense of smell and taste is combined, and is so powerful they can detect scents in the water up to 50 yards. They smell through their skin, on both sides of their body, and follow whichever direction senses the smell best.

Why Use Scented Bass Bait?

Fish are naturally curious, and attractants have been shown since ancient times to get results.

A bass will follow its nose. A great fisherman lures it along.

Transforming Fish Bait

Mad Buck Strike Bait Stimulant Blocks include a patent-pending scent cell in a rich bait block.

Mad Buck Strike Bait Stimulant Mixes include our patent-pending scented chum that can be dispersed directly into the water, or applied to fishing equipment.

Covers human scents. Keeps bass interested in your fishing area.

A Different Kind of Fish Attractant

Never Have Another Average Day

At Mad Buck, it’s our goal to make sure that every angler has plenty of fish stories to tell. We develop each innovative fish bait with that in mind.

Never be average.

Researched & Tested

Mad Buck Innovations has been developing and researching our bass bait for over 2 years. Our specially formulated scents are the best to lure bass of all sizes. Male and female. We even tested it as a largemouth bass bait.

Angler’s Edge Bass Bait

Mad Buck Innovations has created specially formulated bass baits that gets real results in two ways.

Mad Buck scent disperses into the water at a greater range – up to 50 yards – drawing in more nearby fish. It’s powerful lure lasts for hours, keeping the fish coming.

Mad Buck scent becomes a flavor that bass love when they taste the lure. The taste makes them hold on to the lure longer, giving you more chance to reel them in.

The best bait for bass is the kind that works.

  • Easy to use.
  • Convenient to carry.
  • Lasts for hours.
  • Works every time.

Selection for anglers. Results for anglers.

No one wants to have an “average” day fishing.

For All Equipment in All Locations

No matter where you’re fishing, what equipment you use, or how experienced you are, make the most of your trip out.

Mad Buck bass bait is safe to use with a variety of rods, reels, lures, bobbers, and hooks. Use it fly fishing, from shore or dock, or from a boat.

Convenient bass bait that’s ready to go whenever and wherever you are.

Immediate & Real Results

As soon as you lower any Mad Buck fish bait in the water, it begins to disperse. Our bass bait is scented, and bass follow the trail straight to your lure.

Easy to use and works great. Use Mad Buck bass bait to mask human scents and attract bass from up to 50 yards.

American Made. American Proud.

Best Bait for Bass for Hobbyists and Competitive Anglers

Easy and convenient to use. Mad Buck Innovations formulated fish baits are perfect for anyone looking to increase their chance of having a great day fishing.

Whether you’re a weekend fisherman out for some fun or a competitive bass fishing pro – enjoy every minute.

We are outdoors enthusiasts. We are hunters and anglers. We develop products that work better – products that drive ’em crazy.

USA developed. USA manufactured. Mad Buck Innovations fish bait is 100% made in the USA.

Never use average bass bait again. Never have another average day. Mad Buck Innovations.