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The best catfish bait is the bait that works. At Mad Buck Innovations, we’ve developed a fish chum that works in a variety of water conditions to attract all ages and types of catfish.

Made for anglers, by anglers. Our specialized catfish attractants are tested in the field with amazing results.

Attract fish immediately. See long-lasting effects.

Don’t take our word for it – try it yourself. Mad Buck Innovation’s Angler’s Edge Catfish Bait gives every catfish fisherman an edge.

Catfish and Smell

Catfish are adaptable, inhabiting the most extreme environments. Often nocturnal, they don’t rely much on vision to get around – but they do rely heavily on a strongly developed sense of smell. In fact, catfish could have the strongest sense of smell of any freshwater fish.

Catfish also have a voracious appetite, and can never pass up an opportunity to try a tasty new treat.

Like many fish – catfish have a combined sense of smell and taste in their skin. They sense smells and flavors in the water from over 100 yards away, and use scent to navigate.

Why Use Scented Catfish Bait?

Because catfish are so naturally curious, it can be easy to lure them into an area with attractive scents. But, because they are also cautious, they will avoid areas that smell like human scents.

Scented catfish baits give you the best chance to attract and entice catfish an area. They mask and decrease human smells, while also dispersing widely through the water to keep fish interested.

Innovative Fish Attractants

Mad Buck Innovations introduces Strike Bait Stimulant Blocks. Patent-pending scent cell in rich bait blocks. A new way to attract all types of fish.

Innovation takes fish bait to new levels. Mad Buck Innovations: far above average.

A Different Kind of Catfish Bait

Angler’s Edge Catfish Attractant

Mad Buck Angler’s Edge Catfish Attractant is a water-activated catfish chum bait that works instantly, with long-lasting effects. Mix and apply to lures and hooks, bait catfish from as far as 100 yards with this powerful formula.

For All Equipment and Locations

No matter where you’re fishing, what equipment you use, or how experienced you are, make the most of your trip out.

Mad Buck catfish bait is safe to use with a variety of rods, lures, and hooks. Use it from shore or dock, or when you’re fishing from a boat.

Convenient catfish bait that’s ready to go whenever and wherever you are.

Researched & Tested

Mad Buck Innovations has been developing and researching our catfish bait for over 2 years. Our specially formulated scents are the best to lure catfish of all sizes and ages, male and female.

Immediate & Real Results

As soon as you lower any Mad Buck fish bait or fish chum in the water, it begins to disperse. Our scented catfish chum means the catfish follow the trail straight to your lure.

Works great, easy to use. The best catfish chum to mask human scents and attract catfish from up to 100 yards.

Best Bait for Catfish

No matter what environment or location, you need a convenient bait that gets results. Long-lasting, easy to use, water activated.

Mad Buck catfish bait helps you have a great day out, every time.

No More Average Days

At Mad Buck, it’s our goal to make sure that all anglers make it home with plenty of good fish stories to tell. We develop our innovative fish bait with that in mind.

Never be average.

American Made. American Proud.

Easy to use and efficient.

Mad Buck Innovations formulated fish baits are perfect for anyone who want to increase their chances of a great day fishing. Whether you’re a beginning catfisherman or a long-time angler, enjoy Mad Buck Innovations.

We love the outdoors. We are hunters and anglers. We develop products that work better to drive ’em crazy.

USA operated. USA produced. Mad Buck Innovations catfish attractant scent is 100% made in the USA.

No more average days fishing. Mad Buck Innovations.