Doing Things Differently. Innovative Fish Baits.

No fisherman wants to be average. So, don’t bait like an average fisherman.

American Crappie anglers know: fishing can be highly rewarding. If you have the right crappie bait and get your conditions right, you can enjoy a full day of catching big fish.

For the best crappie fishing, use the best crappie bait. At Mad Buck Innovations, it’s our mission to develop consistent, convenient products that get fast results that last for hours.

Consistency. Convenience. Immediate, long-lasting results. That’s why we developed Mad Buck Innovations scented fish bait for crappie.

Crappie and Smell

Call them what you will – papermouths, strawberry bass, speckled bass, speckled perch, calico bass, or Oswego bass – the freshwater white and black fish known as “crappie” are popular across the USA.

Like many fish, crappie smell and taste the water – detecting food or threats as far as 50 yards. They are attracted to new smells, but avoid objects tained with human scent.

Transforming Fish Bait

Mad Buck Strike Bait Stimulant Blocks embed an irresistible patent-pending scent cell in a rich bait block.

Mad Buck Strike Bait Stimulant Mixes are made of patient-pending scented ingredients, which are dispersed directly into the water, or applied to fishing equipment.

Cover your human scents. Keep crappie interested in your fishing area.

Why Use Crappie Scent Attractant?

Crappie are quiet during the day – feeding at dawn and dusk. They rely on their sense of smell to navigate. Lure them with the most attractive scents in any situation.

Highly adaptable, crappie live in extreme cold temperatures. They are active in winter and are often caught by ice fisherman.

There’s good crappie fishing in pre-spawning and spawning season. If you can lure them in.

In the summer, they relax in cooler deep water. Old school crappie fishermen know – the best crappie bait can lure them up.

A crappie will follow its nose. A great fisherman lures it along.

A Different Kind of Crappie Bait

Angler’s Edge Crappie Chum

Mad Buck Innovations’ specially-formulated bait for crappie gets real results in two ways.

Mad Buck scent disperses into the water over 50 yards, drawing in nearby fish. The crappie bait’s powerful lure lasts for hours, keeping fish coming.

Mad Buck scent becomes a flavor that crappie love when they taste the lure. The taste makes them bite, giving anglers a clear signal to reel them in.

The best crappie bait simply works.

  • Easy and convenient.
  • Begins working immediately.
  • Long-lasting results.

For anyone who wants to have better than an “average” fishing day.

Works With All Equipment, Everywhere

People fish for crappie in many ways – light jigs, trolling with minnows, small spinnerbaits, bobbers, and commercial spider rigging.

Using live bait and un-scented chum can be expensive, and may not work every time.

Find a crappie chum and scent attractant that works wherever you work.

Mad Buck Angler’s Edge Crappie Chum works in any location. Shown to attract crappie in all temperatures, weather, and water types.

Real, Immediate Results

As soon as you lower any Mad Buck bait in the water, it begins to disperse. Our crappie bait is scented, and crappie follow the trail straight to your lure.

Easy and convenient. Mad Buck crappie bait masks all human scents and attracts crappie from up to 50 yards away.

Long-lasting results means that crappie will keep coming for hours, and will remember and return to the spot regularly.

Researched & Developed

Mad Buck Innovations has been developing our fish bait for over 2 years. Our specially formulated scents lure all crappie. Male and female.

Make Your Days Better

At Mad Buck, it’s our goal to make sure that every angler gets home with big fish and bigger fish stories.

Never be average.

Made in America for American Fishermen

Easy to use and efficient.

Mad Buck Innovations formulated fish baits are perfect for anyone looking to increase their chance of having a great day fishing.

Whether you know about lures and fish scents or are just finding out, you will find we make our fish bait better.

Mad Buck’s Innovations are outdoors enthusiasts. We hunt and fish. We develop products that don’t just work – they work better. We develop products that drive ’em crazy.

Mad Buck Innovations fish bait and chum is 100% made in the USA.

Never use average crappie bait again. Never have another average day of crappie fishing.