No average deer mineral lick.

You’re not an average hunter. Don’t use an average deer lick.

Use the best salt lick for deer, enhanced with vitamins and nutritional supplements. Scented to attract deer from up to 500 feet.

  • Mad Buck Mineral Scent Cell Block
  • Mad Buck Insanity Powder and Lick Stick Feeder

No more average hunting trips. Lead deer by the nose.┬áCover and mask human odors. Treat deer to an enriched salt lick they’ll come back to.

Never average: Mad Buck Innovations.

Mad Buck Mineral Scent Cell Block

Formulated for Top Results

Deer licks contain essential minerals for overall health and antler development. Our mineral lick is formulated for deer of all ages and sizes, doe and buck.

Our exclusive scents attract deer from up to 500 feet. That’s what makes Mad Buck Mineral Scent Cell Blocks the best mineral lick for deer.

Natural salts. Natural scents. Natural flavors.

Easy and Convenient

Our Mineral Scent Cell Block begins working the moment you unwrap and place it, dispersing scent as soon as it hits the air.

Scent doesn’t fade in rain or snow. Weather and temperature resistant. Scent options for different strategies in any terrain.

Put out at the beginning of hunting season or the day you arrive. Easy to store, pack, and carry.

A new type of deer mineral lick: Mad Buck Innovations.

Buries Easily

Bury the Mad Buck Mineral Scent Cell Block under 2 inches of soil to lure deer in open landscapes.

Hangs Easily

Suspend Mad Buck Mineral Scent Cell Block from any tree using a standard brick holder to lure deer through forest.

Get Results Immediately

Within a few hours of placing a Mad Buck deer salt lick block, you will see activity in the area.

Scents That Drive ‘Em Crazy

Different deer are attracted by different scents. Age, sex, and terrain all play a factor.

Mad Buck Scent Cell: Peanut Butter Deer Lick

Our exclusive peanut butter deer lick scent attracts deer to a new experience. A sweet flavor that keeps them coming back.

Mad Buck Scent Cell: Apple Deer Lick

Our apple scent cell doesn’t smell artificial – it smells like real apples. Deer are treated to natural flavoring they love.

Mad Buck Scent Cell: Acorn Deer Lick

Familiar scents attract deer – smells of food they know and love. Our acorn scent gives deer a taste of a favorite treat.

Mad Buck Insanity Powder and Lick Stick Feeder

Easy and Convenient. Best Deer Salt Lick Powder

Mad Buck Innovations developed Mad Buck Insanity wildlife attractant powder to be the best.

Natural flavors. Nutrient enriched. Scented for superior results.

Mad Buck Insanity powders can be dispensed in Lick Stick feeders, combined with other deer feed, or spread diretly through the terrain.

Not your average deer salt lick powder.

Insanity Flavors to Drive ‘Em Crazy

Insanity Powder in Peanut Butter: Deer lick with an exciting new flavor they can’t resist. Nutrients for health and antler development.

Insanity Powder in Dried Berry: Deer lick in a classic favorite of deer everywhere. Enriched with vitamins for antler growth and overall health.

Mad Buck Lick Stick: Deer Lick Feeder

Strap this deer feeder to a tree, fill with Mad Buck Insanity powder, and begin attracting deer from up to 500 feet away.

  • Perfect for powder deer bait or liquid deer scents.
  • Perfect for all types of feed.

Includes straps. Mounts easily to trees or posts of all sizes.

100% Made in the USA

Our Mad Buck Innovations team is proudly American based, producing American products.

Avid hunters ourselves, we always have American hunters in mind.

Our deer salt lick blocks and deer lick powders are manufactured in the USA.

Formulated. Effective. Convenient. Valueable.

Mad Buck Innovations.