No Hunter Wants to Be Average

For centuries, hunters have tried many deer scents. Today, Mad Buck Innovations has developed a line of natural, effective deer scents and lures that get real results, fast.

Deer have a highly-developed sense of smell. They can detect food or danger up to 500 feet off.

Have a successful trip, every time.

Mad Buck Innovations has developed aromas that bucks can’t resist. The best buck lure keeps pulling ‘em in.

A successful hunt can depend on a deer’s nose.
Lead your buck by the nose.

Never be average. Mad Buck Innovations.

Mad Buck 32oz Scent Concentrate

Best Liquid Deer Lure. Innovative Approach. Better Results.

Our Mad Buck concentrated scents can grab a deer’s attention at 500 feet.

Concentrated scents that withstand the weather – not affected by rain or snow.

Pour on salts, minerals, feed, corn, or natural landscape. Flexibility to lure deer to any feed source.

Available in 4 scents to drive ’em crazy.

Mad Buck Concentrated Acorn Deer Lure

Deer graze on fallen acorns, and it is a classic scent to lure them. Mad Buck Innovations concentrated the scent of acorns for a powerful punch that no nearby buck or doe can resist.

Mad Buck Berry Concentrated Deer Lure

The scent of berries naturally attracts deer. Mad Buck Innovations thought it was natural that a berry scent would make the best deer lure.

Natural Ingredients Deer Love

Our scented concentrate contains best deer lure nutrients and natural flavors. We have speially formulated mineral supplements that are good for the deer’s antlers and overall health.

Use Mad Buck Scented Conentrate anytime, any weather, to see immediate and long-lasting results.

Easy to Use

Possibly the best deer scents to mix with corn, Mad Buck Scent Concentrate can be mixed or applied to any deer food source or salt you prefer.

  • Easy to mix.
  • Convenient size to carry.
  • Works immediately.
  • Weather resistant scent – not affected by rain or snow.

Simply dilute your Mad Buck Scented Concentrate and apply to feed, salts, bushes, grass, and trees. They’ll come running in.

Can be used consistently through hunting season, or on short or weekend trips.

Mad Buck Concentrated Peanut Butter Deer Lure

Deer love the smell of anything new. That’s why Mad Buck Innovations developed a peanut butter scent – it smells delicious and raises curiosity.

Mad Buck Concentrated Apple Deer Lure

Our apple scented concentrate smells like real apples, making it one of the top deer scents in the industry.

Mad Buck Deer Scent Wicks

Set out a Mad Buck Scent Wick and Let the Best Deer Lure Get to Work.

Whispering through the air, the scent wick distributes our top deer scents with a no-fuss method.

Simply unwrap them, and hang from the tree of your choice.

  • Easy to open and set.
  • No measuring or mixing required.
  • Works immediately and long-term.
  • No water required.

When your Mad Buck deer scent wicks run empty, refill them with Mad Buck scented concentrate.

Better than average. Mad Buck Innovations.

Deer Scents Dispense Immediately

Place your deer scent wicks and let them do their work. Within a few hours, you will see activity.

Top Deer Scents and Lures that Drive ‘Em Mad

Our Mad Buck Scent Wick is available in the 4 top deer scents that attract doe and buck of all ages and in every type of terrain.

  • Apple Mad Buck Scent Wick
  • Berry Mad Buck Scent Wick
  • Acorn Mad Buck Scent Wick
  • Peant Butter Mad Buck Scent Wick

Get the scent that keeps ’em coming back. Mad Buck scents.

Super Scent Cell Combos: Scented Concentrate and Deer Scent Dispensers

Try both our Mad Buck Scented Concentrate and Mad Buck Scented Wick. The Super Scent Cell Combo.

This empty scented wick dispenser canister and full bottle of Mad Buck Scented Concentrate lets you try different approaches.

Deer in every area respond to different strategies.

Not sure if scent in a wick or scent on feed is the best buck lure? Try them both.

Mad Buck was Born in the USA

No hunter wants an average hunt. You work hard to prep for your trip. Make the most of it.

The Mad Buck Innovations team is staffed with hunters. We developed our deer scents and lures with hunters in mind.

100% Made in the USA.

We’re proud to bring you the best American developed, American produced, and American made deer scents.

No hunt should be average. Mad Buck.