Mad Buck Innovations Hog Bait: For the hunter who wants to have a successful trip, every time

No hunter wants to be average.

When you’re a dedicated outdoors enthusiast, you want to maximize every trip. Using the best hog bait attractant will help you do that.

For boars or sows, all ages and sizes. For all weather. For any location or terrain: Mad Buck Innovations is the best wild hog bait.

American made. American proud. A better hog bait for the American wild hog hunter.

Hogs and Scented Hog Lure

A wild hog has a sense of smell that is far stronger than its eyesight.

Some hogs are attracted by some lures. Some hogs are attracted by different lures. It’s trial and error.

That’s why Mad Buck Innovations offers the best wild hog bait selection for hunters anywhere.

Why Mad Buck Hog Scents?

More Chance of Success

Mad Buck Innovations makes it our mission to help every hunter have a successful hunt, every time.

Our hog bait is specially formulated to appeal and attract hogs. Salt blocks enriched with vitamins and nutrients, hogs not only follow their nose to the scent, they love the taste.

Our products have been developed to withstand all wather conditions and terrains. Rain and snow, sleet and hail, the Mad Buck hog scents keep attracting nearby wild hogs.

Immediate Results

Mad Buck Innovations scented hog lure begins to work instantly. As soon as the patent-pending scent cell hits the air, scent begins to disperse.

Get results immediately. Begin to attract hogs in the area as soon as the bait is out.

Variety of Scents

Get Mad Buck Innovations hog attractants in:

  • Peanut butter
  • Berry

Hogs like what is new and interesting. They can’t resist the smells of the best baits.

Wild hogs love our bait because we have developed it to attract hogs. Simple as that.

Types of Hog Bait

According to Texas A&M University, hogs may be able to smell food or danger up to 7 miles away, and as far as 25 feet underground.

Using hog scents is one of the oldest and most successful hog hunting strategies. For centuries, hunters tried a vareity of scents to lure and bait wild hogs.

For Boars: Dominant boars are loaners. Use bait to get them to claim a territory.

For Sows: Sow often travel with others – including piglets. Use hog lure to keep them feeding in one area.

The best hunters lead wild hogs by their nose.

Hog Block

Mad Buck hog blocks are specially processed to attract wild hogs of all ages.

Keep ’em coming with our patent-pending scent cell centered in a nutrient-rich salt and mineral block.

Easy to Bury:  Bury the scented mineral block up to 2 inches – hogs will still follow the scent and try to dig up the block.

Easy to Hang:  Suspend the block with a regular brick holder to attract hogs to a speific tree.

One-of-kind, our scented hog lure is the best wild hog bait to start bringing them immediately.

Hog Jam

Mad Buck hog jam is specially formulated to attract hogs to stumps, feed, and whatever you apply it to.

  • Easy to Mix
  • Easy to Apply
  • Easy to Set

Works on all types of feed or on natural landscape. Pour directly on the ground, stumps, or branches. Spray onto bushes or grasses.

No matter the weather, our hog jam works in rain or snow.

Drive ’em crazy with Mad Buck Innovation’s specially formulated scent and liquid nutrient combination.

Mad Buck Innovations: We Know Hog Hunting

Innovative Approach Means Better Hog Bait

For over 2 years, Mad Buck Innovations has been developing the best hog baits for our customers.

We know that immediate results means better hunting. We know that quality hog scents hold up against all weather conditions.

We’re hunters, ourselves. And gatherers – of information. And we went through extensive research and development to create a line of hog bait products that consistently delivers value and results.

We manufacture all our products. All Mad Buck Innovations products are made in the USA.

Never have an average hunt again. A better hog bait. A better hog hunt.