Never be average. Mad Buck Innovations.

No hunter wants to have an average day.  The best deer attractants are the ones that help hunters have amazing days – every time.

Deer can smell food or danger from up to 500 feet away. A great hunter knows to take advantage of a deer’s sense of smell.

Attract deer with scents they can’t resist. Decrease human scents. Keep ’em coming back with delicious, nutrient-rich corn blocks.

Lead wildlife by the nose. Never be average. Mad Buck Innovations.

Mad Buck Whole Corn Blocks

Deer Attractant Blocks That Work

Natural Ingredients for Better Results

Our Mad Buck Whole Corn Blocks aren’t just scented to get the deer’s attention – they use natural ingredients that deer find irresistible.

Nutrients. Minerals. Natural scent. Whole corn.

Our deer attractant corn block not only pulls them to an area, it keeps them coming back. Lay them before hunting season or on the day you arrive – you’ll see long-lasting results immediately.

Easy to Use. Easy to Place

While many are still looking for the best deer attractant to mix with corn, some hunters have already discovered how much simpler and quicker it is to use a pre-mixed whole corn brick.

  • Never worry about mixture proportions.
  • Easy to pack and carry multiples.
  • Works instantly – without applying water.
  • No need to buy several products and combine them.
  • Scent resists weather – not affected by rain or snow.

Simply unwrap your Mad Buck Whole Corn Block and place it. Put it out at the beginning of hunting season, or on the day you reach camp.

Convenient. Consistent. An innovation in deer attractants.

Easy to Bury

Bury the Mad Buck whole corn deer brick under a thin layer of soil to lure deer in open fields.

Immediate Results

Place your whole corn block and let the best scents that attract deer do their work. Within a few hours, you can expect to see activity.

Easy to Hang

Suspend from a tree using a standard brick holder to lure deer in forested areas.

No need to activate the block with water.

Corn Deer Attractant Blocks

Scents that drive ’em crazy. Mad Buck Innovations knows that different deer like different aromas.

So we developed a selection of deer scents and attractants to pull in buck and doe of all sizes and ages. They don’t just work – they work better.

Peanut Butter Mad Buck Whole Corn Block

Apple Mad Buck Whole Corn Block

Baiting deer with apples is an old-time trick of the trade. The sweet scent triggers the deer to search out the delicious fruit.

Our apple scented whole corn block begins to attract deer the second the scent hits the air. With a specially-formulated apple scent that is not only powerful, it’s natural.

Not like artificial apple scents – our deer hunting attractants smell like the real thing. The deer can’t tell the difference.

Berry Mad Buck Whole Corn Block

Because berries have natural scents that attract deer, it only seems natural to use a berry scent to bait them.

Our Mad Buck team developed a corn brick with the concentrated scent of fresh berries, using a specialized mixture of the strongest berry smells. Deer follow their nose right to the nutrient-rich whole corn block.

Not like artificial apple scents – our deer hunting attractants smell like the real thing. The deer can’t tell the difference.

Acorn Mad Buck Whole Corn Block

Deer love to graze on fallen juicy tree nuts, and acorns have long been used as natural deer feed and bait.

Mad Buck Innovations captured the scent of acorns and concentrated it for a powerful punch to a deer’s nose. No buck or doe can resist the smell of our acorn deer attractant blocks.

American Made for American Hunters

We know you work hard. You aren’t average, and you don’t want to have an average hunt when you go out.

Our Mad Buck Innovations team is a team of hunters. We developed our deer hunting attractants with hunters in mind. Developed in USA. Made in USA.

We’re proud to bring you the best American made deer attractants available.

Unique. Strong. Convenient. Valuable.

Mad Buck Innovations.