Mad Buck Innovations: We Don’t Do “Average”

No hunter wants to have an average season.  We want every hunter to have great trips with even better stories to tell.  Don’t be average. Don’t use average deer bait.

Use the best deer bait enhanced with the best deer bait nutrient supplement: Mad Buck Feed Blaster Dry Feed Charger.

Deer are attracted to feed that smells good. They come back to feeding spots where food tastes good.

Mad Buck Innovations developed our Feed Blaster with tastes deer love. It is nutrient enhanced and rich in vitamins that promote the deer’s overall health. Our specially-developed formula supports healthy antler growth.

Attract deer and keep them coming back all season long. Never have an average season again. Mad Buck Innovations.

Mad Buck Feed Blaster: Drive ‘Em Crazy

Formulated Ingredients for Great Results

Our Mad Buck Feed Blaster Dry Feed Charger is flavored with natural ingredients that deer find irresistible.

Natural flavors. Nutrients. Minerals. Vitamins.

The Mad Buck Feed Blaster charges your deer bait with a mixture of health-supporting nutritional supplements. See immediate and long-term results over the course of a hunting season.

Easy to Use. Easy to Mix

Mix Mad Buck Feed Blaster with any feed you prefer. It is perfect to mix with corn. It can be scented with deer scents, but is an efficient and effective deer bait on its own.

  • Mix with any type of feed.
  • Works with or without scent.
  • Immediate and long-term results.
  • Scent not affected by weather.
  • Keeps deer coming back.

Simply measure out your Mad Buck Feed Blaster and mix into your deer feed bait. Can be distributed directly on the ground as well.

Put it out at the beginning of hunting season, and enjoy a season full of stories to tell.

Effective. Convenient. Innovative feed and bait for deer.

Deer Bait Nutritional Supplements

Different deer like different flavors — flavors that drive `em crazy.

So Mad Buck Innovations developed two deer bait flavors to attract doe and buck of all ages and sizes.

Mix Feed Blaster flavors together, try each with different feed. No matter what your local deer prefer, you know you’ll be making your season better.

Mad Buck Feed Blaster doesn’t just work – it works better.

Mad Buck Feed Blaster: Peanut Butter Deer Bait

Some deer are attracted to new, interesting smells, and will try any new flavor without hesitation.

For curious deer looking for something sweeter: try Mad Buck Peanut Butter Feed Blaster.

Our peanut butter deer bait not only works with the smell of other peanut butter scented deer baits, it enhances the flavor of any feed.

Using a specialized formula that combines the natural flavors of both peanut butter and molasses, this dry feed charger offers deer a sweet treat full of nutrients, minerals, and healthy supplements.

An intense, unique flavor they will come back looking for again and again.

Mad Buck Feed Blaster: Fall Blast Deer Bait

Some deer are attracted to the smell and taste of natural food sources, and are thrown off by sweet or unfamiliar flavors.

For hesitant deer looking for something more familiar: try Mad Buck Fall Blast Feed Blaster.

Our tailor-made formula combines beet, pumpkin, and carrot flavors. Rich in nutritional supplements, this flavor may appeal to deer who prefer a more woodsy, organic treat.

A subtle, natural flavor deer will love.

If you’re going to use deer bait, use the best deer bait dry feed charger to go with it.

Mad Buck Insanity Powder and Lick Stick Feeder

Easy and Convenient. Best Deer Salt Lick Powder

Mad Buck Innovations developed Mad Buck Insanity wildlife attractant powder to be the best.

Natural flavors. Nutrient enriched. Scented for superior results.

Mad Buck Insanity powders can be dispensed in Lick Stick feeders, combined with other deer feed, or spread diretly through the terrain.

Not your average deer salt lick powder.

Insanity Flavors to Drive ‘Em Crazy

Insanity Powder in Peanut Butter: Deer lick with an exciting new flavor they can’t resist. Nutrients for health and antler development.

Insanity Powder in Dried Berry: Deer lick in a classic favorite of deer everywhere. Enriched with vitamins for antler growth and overall health.

Mad Buck Lick Stick: Deer Lick Feeder

Strap this deer feeder to a tree, fill with Mad Buck Insanity powder, and begin attracting deer from up to 500 feet away.

  • Perfect for powder deer bait or liquid deer scents.
  • Perfect for all types of feed.

Includes straps. Mounts easily to trees or posts of all sizes.

American Deer Hunters Know What We Want

You work hard. You want to go up during hunting season to enjoy yourself and collect some great hunting trophies. And maybe a story or two.

What you never want is an average hunting season.

At Mad Buck Innovations, we’re hunters ourselves. We know hunters. We know what hunters want. So we developed the best deer bait and feed enhancers with hunters in mind.

USA made. USA proud. Mad Buck Innovations is an American company, producing American deer hunting products.

We’re proud to offer you the best scented and flavored deer bait nutritional supplements on the market: Feed Blaster Dry Feed Chargers.

Enjoy Mad Buck Innovations. Never have another average season.